Shariah-compliant funds are investment funds that comply with Islamic law.

They are different from conventional investment funds because they have many requirements, such as the appointment of a Shariah board and prohibition from investing in companies that derive most of their income from the sale of alcohol, pork products, gambling, etc.

While Shariah-compliant funds have grown at a respectable pace, it is difficult to accurately estimate the industry’s size or valuation.

Group/InvestmentInception Date
27four Shari’ah Balanced FoF A15/9/2011
Camissa Islamic Balanced A5/4/2011
Element Islamic Balanced SCI A4/28/2010
Oasis Crescent Balanced High Eq FoF B4/6/2010
Sentio SCI HIKMA Shariah Balanced A13/1/2017
STANLIB MM Shari’ah Balanced FoF B13/25/2015
27four Shari’ah Income A13/20/2017
Camissa Islamic High Yield3/11/2019
Oasis Crescent Income A4/1/2010
Old Mutual Albaraka Income A3/31/2020
27four Shari’ah Active Equity A19/11/2008
Camissa Islamic Equity A10/1/2010
Element Islamic Equity SCI A2/1/2006
Oasis Crescent Equity A7/31/1998
Old Mutual Albaraka Equity A6/1/1992
Sentio SCI HIKMA Shariah General Eq A13/1/2017
Visio BCI Shari’ah Equity Fund C6/14/2018
Oasis Crescent Balanced Stable FoF B4/6/2010
FNB Islamic Balanced A1/6/2021
Oasis Crescent Bal Progressive FoF A3/2/2005
Old Mutual Albaraka Balanced A11/12/2010
Camissa Islamic Global Equity FF A1/7/2019
Element Islamic Global Equity SCI A10/26/2012
Oasis Crescent International FF A9/28/2001
Oasis Crescent Intl Balanced Low Eq FF B6/15/2016
Visio BCI Shari’ah Wwd Flx Prprty C6/1/2021

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