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Yes, if you bank Islamically, you will typically receive a special bank card that is compliant with Islamic principles. Islamic banks issue Sharia-compliant cards that adhere to the rules and guidelines of Islamic finance. These cards are designed to avoid interest (riba) and other elements that are not permissible in Islam.

There are two main types of special bank cards commonly offered by Islamic banks:

1. Islamic Debit Cards: Islamic debit cards are one of the most common types of cards offered by Islamic banks. These cards are linked directly to your Islamic transactional account, and the transactions made using the card are deducted directly from your account balance. As a debit card holder, you can use the card to make purchases, withdraw cash from ATMs, and perform other transactions without incurring interest charges, as Islamic finance prohibits riba.

The special bank cards issued by Islamic banks will have distinctive branding and markings, indicating that they are Sharia-compliant and suitable for use in Islamic finance. These cards will often bear the name of the Islamic bank or the specific Islamic banking division offering the card.

When you open an Islamic banking account, the bank will provide you with the relevant card based on the type of account you have and the card services associated with it. As with any financial product, it’s essential to read and understand the terms and conditions of the card to ensure that it meets your needs and adheres to your religious beliefs.

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