About Us


Our Mission

MuslimFin is a fintech business that is specifically focused on educating and directing Muslims and non-Muslims on Shariah-compliant banking, investments, insurance, estate planning, zakat, and Sadaqah products and services from the South African consumer context. 

MuslimFin’s mission is to empower our clients ranging from teens opening their first bank account to established businesses focused on philanthropy who all share the goal of wanting their wealth to grow or be preserved following Shariah (Islamic Law). MuslimFin provides easy access to a vetted knowledge base, evolving and relevant subject matter with simple, easy-to-use tools to provide a clearer understanding of these Shariah principles. 

Our Vision & Goals

MuslimFin’s vision and goals are to simplify the complexities of Shariah banking and finance for a broad range of Muslims and non-Muslims who are interested in the ethical, socially conscious, and good governance around the solutions that provide growth and preservation of their wealth. MuslimFin aims to be a platform that can be utilized and easily accessed to suit any of our client’s needs no matter how simple or complex. 

MuslimFin wants to work closely with global businesses, industry leaders, professionals, and educational institutions in the promotion of shariah finance and banking. Utilizing the highly developed South African financial industry to promote and standardize the understanding of simple and more advanced solutions available for the financial requirements and all life stages of our clients. In doing so, we plan to help communities network and find industry professionals that will be able to give them the specialized advice and guidance they require to achieve their goals.

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